Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

When you purchase a HVAC system, you need to install it into your house correctly. And just like any other machine, the system will need proper maintenance so that it can serve you well.

Furthermore, parts of the system may wear out and fail needing to be repaired or replaced. Every decade or so, you may need to install a whole new system.

All these services require knowledge, skills, and experience – something most of us lack.

Luckily, we have trained professionals out there who understand HVAC systems inside out. The only problem is finding the right HVAC contractor to help you fix your system. Below is a detailed guideline highlighting a few tips to help you find the right HVAC contractor.


#1. Ask friends and neighbors

Before you even begin your search for a reliable HVAC contractor, you should involve your family or friends. There will be one or two people who have had first-hand experience with a HVAC contractor.

A good friend or neighbor will direct you to the right contractor – if they know one. By getting opinions from different people, you will know what to expect from a HVAC contractor. Even the bad experiences can be illuminating as you will learn from their mistakes.

#2. Review online reviews

Sites like Google reviews and Yelp provide a platform for customers to rate businesses and contractors. Better business bureau can also connect you with a reliable HVAC contractor. The sites do not filter reviews thus giving you accurate information about contractors in your area.

If you find several reviews from happy clients who have been served by a particular contractor, go for it.

However, do not read online reviews from unreliable sources as they may provide fake reviews that can mislead you.

#3. Go for licensed contractors

A license makes it easier to identify the right HVAC contractor. Several states require every contractor to acquire a valid license from relevant authorities before they can operate their businesses.

However, licensing requirements for HVAC contractors differ from state to state. A contractor may need several licenses to operate in different states.

You should, however, know that fake licenses exist. The state department of labor can help you verify the license of a HVAC contractor.


#4. Experience is essential

Handling a HVAC system requires both knowledge and skills. And since the system is expensive, you will want it to be handled by an experienced contractor. Go for someone who has been in the industry for long and knows their way round the different systems.

A license can also help you validate the level of experience of a HVAC contractor. To be licensed, contractors must have experience of more than five years. They also must produce evidence of their training.

#5. Choose an insured contractor

It is impossible to predict risks, especially when dealing with electronic gadgets like HVAC systems. All you can do is to mitigate against possible risks.

One way of doing so is by choosing an insured contractor to work with. This way, insurance cover for all the possible accidents, injuries, or damages that may happen during the process.

Besides, having insurance proves that the contractor is serious about their work and is also concerned about your property. Uninsured contractors are a liability and should be avoided at all costs.

#6. Ask for references from the contractor

A good HVAC contractor should have a list of the people who they have previously worked with. On the list, get the contacts of at least three to five people and call them to inquire about the contractor.

Ask them about the timelines and the quality of the services offered by the contractor in question. Know if there were other hidden costs aside from the budget. If you get positive reviews from most of them, then it means the contractor can deliver quality work.

Getting reviews from customers who have had similar problems like yours will be helpful.

#7. Choose a contractor registered under a recognized organization/body

Just like other professionals, HVAC contractors are registered under a body known as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association(ACCAA).

The body is composed of reputable, experienced, and licensed HVAC contractors all from different states. This makes it easier to find the right contractor near you.

#8. Request for quotes/bids and compare them

A good HVAC contractor will be more than willing to offer you a written quote or estimate.

The quote should contain system features, warranty, energy efficiency, and cost, timeline, among other things. But before you get a quote, the contractor should pay you a visit to evaluate your house. Should the contractor give you the estimate without evaluating your home, run.

Make sure that the quote is realistic. The HVAC contractor should adhere to the written quote.

Collect quotes from various contractors, compare them, and choose one with the best bid. However, it’s worth noting that the lowest bid does not always guarantee the best services.

Should the contractor decline to hand you a written quote, explore other options.

#9. Keep the costs low

Since HVAC systems are very expensive- both purchasing, installing, maintaining, and repairing, you’ll want to save every penny where possible.

Take advantage of discounted prices offered by HVAC contractors for their products and services so that you can cut costs. If the costs are too low, you should think twice as this may indicate inferior quality or unoriginal parts.

Go for contractors who stand behind their products by giving long-term warranties. This way, you can always get a replacement or free services from the contractor if anything goes wrong with the HVAC system.


Following the above tips, finding the right HVAC contractor will be much simplified. You will save on costs, get quality services, and increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

If you are based in the East Coast of the US, these New Jersey HVAC experts will be happy to visit you, give you a quote and professionally install, repair and maintain your system.

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