Repair Tips to Take from Famous Basements in Movies and TV


It’s common for movies and TV shows not to lean too heavily on reality. After all, it’s the ways in which movies and TV shows lean away from reality that often make them so interesting. However, that doesn’t mean movies and TV are completely detached from reality. When you’re looking for some basement repair tips, you may be able to get them from thesefamous basements in movies and TV shows.


The it crowd: all problems are important, even small ones

In The IT Crowd, there are a number of relatively small problems that might not seem that important in the short run. However, these problems could easily spiral out of control. Small electrical fires, like the ones that have previously occurred in The IT Crowd, could turn into a fire that completely consumes the building. Even if these problems seem small at first, it’s important to fix them, both in fiction and in reality.

Ghostbusters: the entire building is important

One of the most important scenes in Ghostbusters occurs in the six-story firehouse building the Ghostbusters work from. A containment unit takes up most of the lowest level of the building. An EPA inspector orders the electrician to cut the power, which causes that containment unit to explode. Although it’s only one level of the six-story building, this could cause permanent foundational problems, making it an important issue to tackle early on.

That ‘70s show: problems can be deeper than the surface

In That ‘70s Show, the main group of friends spends a lot of time in Eric’s basement. Given that the show’s set in the ‘70s, there’s a lot of smoke that goes around their basement. More than likely, this would cause the basement to smell like smoke and carry secondhand smoke health problems for years to come. Deep cleaning could help the problem, but it’s important to know that a surface clean wouldn’t fix the problem. Instead, you always need to fix problems at their root.

Home alone: a child’s view of problems can still be important

In one scene of Home Alone, Kevin enters the furnace and recognizes that the furnace has transformed into a demonic monster. Although it’s unlikely that the furnace is literally a demon sent from hell, that doesn’t mean his parents should just neglect the fact that he saw what he would describe as a “furnace demon.” As a matter of fact, this is probably an indication that he saw something bad occur to the furnace, like a furnace-related fire. If your children report some fantastical problem with your home, consider what they might really be trying to tell you and act on that.

Ozark: generalized problems can have a serious impact on residents

Ozark centers around a family moving to Missouri. They move into a home that they share with the current owner, Buddy. Buddy chooses to live in the basement, while everyone else lives in the above-ground area. However, the moisture of the basement slowly but surely impacts Buddy’s health. His already-existing terminal illness worsens over time, becoming an even more serious problem. Remember, home problems don’t just impact your home. They also impact everyone living in the home, which is exactly what this unfortunate story tells you.


As you can see, these movies and TV shows have some genuine advice you might be able to take from them. Even though movies and TV shows are certainly more entertainment than advice, that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of touch. Whether you’re watching one of these movies and TV shows or you’re watching a completely different one, consider the advice it might be giving you.

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