Install Outdoor Shade Sails Over Swimming Pools This Summer

Swimming pools are a big investment made by any homeowner in Australia. It also comes with the additional responsibility of maintaining it for a long time. While there is a list of instructions you can follow to do so, our outdoor blindscan do wonders for you.

Have you thought about buying them? Because they can help to maintain the pool with optimum effort. Let us quickly run through the various benefits you can get with our shades.


Outdoor blinds & shade reduces the operational costs

The shades effectively block the ultraviolet rays and reduce the heat within the pool and the outdoor area. With the regular use of shade sails in the summer, the damage from the sun rays will be minimized, ultimately bringing down the maintenance cost.

They Increase the pool’s aesthetic value

The multiple colours and styles of shade sails at Outdoor Blinds Perth adds visual interest and improves the overall aesthetics of the pool area. Choosing the right fabric, colour, and design along with our professional installation is the best and affordable way to enhance the ambience of the house.

If you need help in the selection process, our experts are here to assist you in deciding based on your budget and preferences. We ensure to provide the maximum shade benefits with our installation.

Shade sails in perth ensures privacy

In the inner-city suburbs, the neighbours are very close; especially with the rising two-story houses, it is very hard to keep everything private. In this case, our shade sails and blinds will provide the privacy that you need to enjoy your time in the pool. You can even host pool parties without having to worry about the peeking strangers and neighbours.

Less accumulation of debris

Without a doubt, debris is one of the most frustrating things that a pool owner has to face. The nearby tree bushes can also fall in the pool, causing damage to the expensive filtration system.

A shade sail or the outdoor blind covers the area around a pool and does a great job deflecting the debris and preventing any build-up. Ultimately, this reduces the maintenance cost, as well as reduce the risk of replacing expensive filters.

The shade sails and blinds are sun smart

Our shades are made using high-quality materials that allow you to spend time with your friends and family without any worry. They can block out 99% of the harmful UV rays and save you from sunburn.

So, if you want your kids to enjoy the pools in the summer with no harm, then getting blind or shade sails in Perth is the best idea.

They keep pool area cooler

Just like the awnings can keep the interior of the house cooler, our shade sails protect the pool from the summer heat so that you can enjoy your pool time. Even if you opt for cloth fabric, it can block 70% of the UV rays.

If your ideal afternoon in the summer consists of jumping into the pool on a hot, stinky day, then our shade sails and outdoor blinds will serve the purpose.

The summer in Perth has high and extreme indexes and temperatures, and the best way to escape this is to dip in the pool. However, no one wants to jump in hot water at such a high temperature. Therefore, we have come up with shade sails and outdoor blinds that allow you to have maximum comfort even in the sweltering summertime.

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Frequently asked questions

#1. Do shade sails cool pools?

The scorching isn’t just harmful to humans but also damages the pool. In summers, you will find water to be lukewarm, which isn’t refreshing at all. And getting the blinds or shade sails over will prevent the sun rays from reaching the pool, hence keeping the water cooler.

#2. Should you shade your pool?

If you need protection from harmful UV rays or want to prevent the accumulation of debris in the pool, it is essential to shade the pool. Without it, you might have to face several health problems as well as bear costly repairs.

#3. How do I protect my pool from the sun?

The best way to protect your pool is to install our outdoor blinds or shade sails. It will block the harmful UV rays and keep the pool in good condition without needing expensive repair.

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