3 Trending Home Renovation Tips for Your 2022 Home Plans

From 2020 to 2021 home renovations saw a 3% rise but 2022 is going to be even bigger. Homeowners are predicted to spend more than 9% in the first quarter of 2022 while in the second quarter it will be around 8.8%. These percentages have made the home renovation companies excited about applying their experience and expertise to renovate all homes in the most efficient way possible. Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and many other states have already pre-booked the services of top home renovation companies to transform their old homes into modern functioning and comfortable spaces.

Home Renovation

Houses with foundation problems usually aren’t in danger of collapse. Most houses become unsafe because of a sudden and catastrophic event, usually a natural disaster. The truth is, many people live in houses with foundation problems without realizing it. Foundation problems can be present for years before they start causing visible problems in the rest of the house.

But what does 2022 bring for you and your home renovation plans? There is no need to be confused about what installment and design you should go for because we have it right here for you. Our top suggestions for planning and executing home renovation with trending designs will help you get the most beautiful and modern home that you desired.

Why wait anymore? Go through our top-rated recommendations for your 2022 home renovation and get in touch with a professional and experienced Vancouver home renovations company to execute your plan successfully.

Want to know what our suggestions are? Read on below!

#1. Coloured cabinets of kitchen with open spaces

If you still have plain white or off-white kitchen cabinets and islands, well it’s time to transform your ‘plain’ situation. Since the end of 2021, top designers and architects saw an increased demand for multi-colour cabinets and islands. It is one of the most amazing features you can incorporate within your kitchen space with home renovation techniques. Also, request your professional renovation companies to build you a new and modern-looking open kitchen space with well-designed and convenient cabinetry. The open kitchen spaces will change the look of your home completely. Rather than separate small sections, you can make it one big space for family and friends to come and cook and eat together.

Coloured Cabinets

#2. Extra space into office or reading rooms

Since Omicron made us all shift from our offices to homes, people who were planning for a home renovation wanted to make extra storeroom spaces or any other idle space in their houses into a formal office room.

Also if you are not working or are not in an office room, make it a reading room instead. It is best if you ask the professionals to include such ideas while planning big home renovations Vancouver. Once they conduct the survey, they will be able to tell you what would suit your home the best. There’s another suggestion from us, which request the renovators to make it a home office/ kitchen counter hybrid. This system has benefitted many homeowners since work from home situations started and also looks very unique.

Reading Room

#3. Family rooms

Usually, old homes do not have the section of ‘family rooms’. But if you are planning for luxury custom homes Vancouver, request your builders to design a good-looking and modern family room for you. This will be one space where the entire family can get together and enjoy spending time with each other. Ever since Kim Kardashian told Vogue in an interview that she loves the new family room which got installed in her home, more homeowners have liked the idea of getting something similar installed. You can get a fireplace that has a modern and passive-vent fireplace with concrete surroundings. It can also have decorative floating shelves with black metal brackets- a popular choice by most homeowners. In the family room, you can also ask your professionals who offer ;renovations in Vancouver to make your doors with folding glass. This has been a trending look and suits almost all homes.

Family Room

If you are looking for a company for such trending home renovation requirements try Roadhouse Homes. You can choose anyone who you think will suit your renovation needs but be careful while making the choice. How the renovation will shape your old home depends upon the experience and expertise of the renovation companies. Unless and until you opt for professionals and reputed companies, your trending ideas for renovation will not take off.

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