Creating “The Good Life” for You and Your Family in Dubai

One of the most common answers people provide to the question “What do you truly want?” is a good life for themselves and their loved ones.

For many, the components of a good life are the following:

  • Happiness
  • A beautiful, comfortable, and safe home
  • Freedom from big financial burdens
  • Security about the future

Out of these four, having a beautiful, comfortable, and safe home is the dream of many.  Because there is a determined value attached to it, a house is something that everyone can work towards and save up for.

Invest in your Dream Home

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What’s more, there are few uncontrollable variables in the equation of buying a house. Real estate companies and seasoned property investors reveal that generating the right amount of money for a home can actually be quite simple — it is really just a matter of how and when.

Also, once you have completely paid off a house, regular maintenance (which is to be expected) is all you have left to take care of.

Buying your dream home can be easier than you think

It is worth noting that once you have a stable source of income, there are different available programs that can help you invest in your dream home. Banks and other financing institutions are more than happy to help you make the investment as long as you have a solid credit score.

Financing institutions even have services that can help you manage your finances so you can cover payments in the most convenient manner. There are advisors and consultants who can create a program you can follow to save here and there, all so you can purchase the luxurious home that you desire.

Also, real estate companies are developing homes that a lot of folks can financially manage. They already have a clear payment program to make saving easier for potential buyers.

Say, you’re interested in a luxury villa at Millennium Estates in Dubai. You have a couple of options:

Luxury Villa
  • The developers have designed payment plans as well as different financing options that you can consider.
  • They also sell properties in the pre-construction phase so buyers can take advantage of the significantly lower price. For example, many of the properties in the prime residential real estate development, Cassia at the Fields, have been sold especially when the project has not yet been completed.

The lower cost of buying in the pre-construction phase

Buying in the pre-construction phase is usually a good idea. The price of pre-construction homes is typically lower than that of fully constructed ones, especially if the properties are part of a big community real estate development.

During such time, the true value of the location is not yet established. But once Starbucks and other popular businesses pop up in the area, you can expect the selling price of the remaining houses for sale to rise – you’ll be glad you bought early.

Basically, when you buy a home in the pre-construction phase, you are tapping into the “early bird” advantages. Interest is still pretty low because you are only banking on the potential, and not the beautiful final product yet.

Houses for Sale

A house is an invaluable asset to your family

Although a house does not automatically create a home, it is a vital component in the formula. Why?

  • It is a place where you and your loved ones can feel comfortable and safe. It is where you retreat when certain situations in life get crazy.
  • A house is one thing that provides you the power of protecting your family’s future because you can pass it down to them one day.
  • Likewise, where you live is part of your self-definition, says Susan Clayton, an environmental psychologist at the College of Wooster. Your house is an extension of who you are and what you long to be, which is why you want it to be as grand as you can afford.
  • Lastly, your house is where you create memories with the people who matter the most to you. It is the typical venue of a young child’s milestones. It is where university admission letters are sent. It is where the family gathers together when the weather outside is frightful.

So if you are shaping a good life for yourself and the people you love, then acquiring a lovely house you can turn into a warm, comfortable, secure and cherished home should be a priority.

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