Concrete Driveways: Why Concrete is the Right Choice and Tips on Maintenance

Building concrete pathways is an excellent choice for your dream home. Concrete may be more expensive than gravel or asphalt, but it is much cheaper than pathways made from bricks or cobblestones, and it also lasts longer than any of the other materials. Concrete is a mixture which is composed of lime binder and water that is held together by many kinds of aggregates of stones. Cement is also mixed with this mixture, and the sizes of the aggregate vary. Discussed below are some of the advantages that concrete driveways have over driveways made from other materials:

Concrete Driveways

Advantages of concrete driveways

  • Affordability – Making driveways out of concrete is a good choice as the material is quite affordable and easily accessible. In the initial stage, one might have a feeling that they are shelling out more than necessary, but in the long run, their doubts will no longer persist.
  • Strong & Durable – Concrete driveways also last much longer as compared to pathways made of gravel or cement. If kept in its best condition, these driveways can support vehicles, however heavy they may be, for even over 50 years.
  • Very low maintenance – Concrete driveways are very low on maintenance. These need to be checked and maintained only once in a year to make them more durable and even to increase its life.
  • Can be decorated – An added advantage of concrete driveways is that they can be painted or even small chips and stones can be added to the mixture. Stamping is another way in which the concrete can be made to look much different than what plain concrete would look like. Adding colour to it makes the driveway look much more attractive.

Therefore, with these advantages that concrete has over other materials, it is easy to decide which material to choose for driveway construction.

Tips on maintenance of concrete driveways

Even though one might think that installing concrete driveways is a onetime affair, in reality, that is not the case. Just like every other gadget or appliance at home, the driveway also requires regular and proper maintenance and care. It is only with this kind of regular maintenance that a concrete driveway will endure and last for a longer period.

Concrete Driveway

#1. Stain removal: Stains do show up on concrete pathways once in a while due to oil spills, grease from cars, or other such things. If a lot of staining occurs and all of them remain unattended, there are high chances of the concrete losing its original colour. Thus for proper maintenance, it is necessary to remove the stains as soon as possible with the help of pressure washing or by applying the necessary chemicals. Applying concrete sealer at least once a year also adds a layer of protection.

#2. Repair of cracks: There are times when one might notice a tiny crack on the surface of the concrete driveway, and therefore, not pay attention to it thinking it to be something negligible. However, in most such cases, it has been observed that the cracks get larger and larger with time and use. There are also chances that small weeds or grasses may appear in those cracks. These unwanted growths make the driveway look unkempt and shabby and also hinder the mobility of the vehicle. Due to these reasons, it is imperative that these cracks be repaired on time for proper maintenance.

One can make a concrete driveway themselves, but it is a lot of hard work. It is best to hire a professional team who will complete the entire task in a few days.

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