5 Must-Have Tools for Any Creative

Creative hobbies and crafting have certainly flourished during this past year. If you’re a person who indulges in anything from crafting to sewing, you’ll need a slew of indispensable and versatile tools to make your art. These tools are essential, and can unlock possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Leading the charge of necessary creative tools is the craft knife. It’s a slender cutting tool with a small blade and perfect for crafting. It usually sports a pen-like body that makes it easy to hold for an extended period of time without experiencing discomfort. While the craft knife is a must-have (and mentioned below), there are other tools that deserve a spot in your arsenal.

Let’s take a look at five tools that are a must-have for creatives.

Craft Knife

Craft knife

Craft knives are great for scrapbooking, woodworking, bookbinding, cake art, sewing, metal art, leather applique, and so much more. If you’re considering adding it to your toolkit, you should think about prominent features like the ones in this craft knife.

Firstly, look into buying a craft knife with a blade that’s composed of zirconium oxide. Zirconium oxide is an advanced ceramic that’s harder than steel. It holds an effective edge longer than standard metal. Because of its inherent properties, it’s also safer to touch. That being said, “safer to touch” doesn’t translate to “dull.” Zirconium oxide blades have the advantage of being effective and safe.

You’ll also want to purchase one with a textured grip that ensures your safety and gives you absolute control over your tool. Additionally, invest in a craft knife with a safety cap to prevent accidents.

Precision cutter

Precision cutters also sport a pen-like handle with a micro blade. They’re perfect for cutting intricate shapes and creating tiny, delicate details that would otherwise be more difficult to create with a longer/thicker blade.

If you’re gunning for accuracy and precision, then you can’t go wrong with a precision cutter. You can use precision cutters for cutting, forming, and stripping of plastic, cloth, paper, and film.

Now, it’s prudent to consider a precision cutter with a clip that exposes and retracts your blade. The retraction feature will help prevent accidental cuts and lacerations while you work.

In addition, think about buying a precision cutter with a sturdy nylon handle. Nylon is comfortable to hold, which not only benefits the overall quality of your art, but it keeps repetitive strain injuries at bay.

Ceramic scalpel

A ceramic scalpel combines the best of both worlds with the craft knife and a run-of-the-mill scalpel. It’s great for paper cutting, leathercrafting, modeling, scrapbooking, and much more.

While looking at crafting scalpels, think about purchasing one with a slim, flat handle. This makes it easier to get those tough-to-reach places and tight spaces. You’ll get the most precise and intricate cuts yet with a ceramic scalpel.

Not only that, but a lightweight handle ensures that you have balance and stability while you work. Also, consider investing in a ceramic scalpel that doesn’t require a tool to change blades. Utilizing an extra tool to switch blades can lead to unnecessary injuries.

Deburring tool

Deburring tools remove burrs or raised edges and smooth parting lines, protuberances, and jagged edges. Having these tools significantly improves the quality of metal and wood pieces.

Now, deburring tools are ideal for deburring sheet metal edges, injection-molded plastics, and 3D-printed prototypes. While it’s most common to see these in an industrial setting, those who partake in at-home 3D printing and modeling will find them useful.

Think about buying a deburring tool with a thicker blade. Thicker blades are perfect for effectively deburring sheet metal, among other things. In addition, a deburring tool with a chemically inert blade ensures your protection as well as the blade.

Seam ripper

Seam rippers are designed to slide in between stitches and gently cut the thread without tearing the fabric surrounding it. Obviously, this tool is a necessity for seamstresses, tailors, and avid sewing enthusiasts. You can cut, hook, and remove a thread from the seam.

Consider purchasing a seam ripper with an auto-retractable function. The blade is exposed and retracted when the user enacts the spring-loaded mechanism via slider. This gives you total control over when the blade is put to use. You won’t need to worry about inadvertently cutting yourself or passersby.

Additionally, think about investing in a seam ripper that’s compatible with multiple blade types. While most associate seam rippers with a curved or pointed-tip blade, you may also need to employ the use of a rounded-tip blade.

Five tools, countless uses

There are a plethora of handy tools that creatives should be familiar with, but the above five are crucial. Craft knives, precision cutters, ceramic scalpels, deburring tools, and seam rippers will help you complete your go-to tasks with quality. And once you have them, that will make it even more enjoyable to find more reasons to use these tools.

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