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Mirror TVs FAQs

For most interior designers, infusing both entertainment and style in a single room is almost next to impossible. Aesthetically speaking, some of us can agree that there are only a few or even no entertainment appliances that can complement well with the vibes we want to achieve in our house. And most of the time, entertainment systems, televisions in particular – just looks like a sitting block of boring plastic with a shiny surface on the corner of the room, which needs to be turned on before anyone appreciate its presence.

Because of this entertainment-and-style dilemma in interior design, a new type of television came to existence. Mirror TVs, as they call it, aims to combine the functionality of television and the simplicity and sophisticated look of mirrors into a single piece of fixture that can be installed almost anywhere in the house.

Using a two-way polarized mirror with an embedded LCD monitor at the back, mirror TVs can perfectly blend to its surrounding. When idle, mirror TVs really do look like a mirror, but when switched on, can display pictures and play videos of high resolution as well.

This technology is being widely used by many top hotels nowadays- it can enhance the feel of the surrounding and make a room much bigger while at the same time can still serve as a source of entertainment when needed. From the living room to dining area and even in the lavatory, mirror TVs can be installed almost anywhere in the house, as long it satiates your design needs!

If you want to know the other things regarding the mirror TVs, just check this visual guide below from Accent Frame and Art

Mirror TVs FAQs

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