5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

When people want an impressive looking living room, they call on the best interior designers in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles homeowners can also hire professional decorators to make their bedrooms look photogenic.  From home décor to commercial interior design, Los Angeles decorators can make any room look spectacular.  Here are some ways to make your bedroom look and feel like a luxury hotel room:

Bedroom Design Ideas

Less clutter

One of the reasons hotel rooms are so relaxing is because they are free of clutter.  Ask your interior designer for advice on how to organize your bedroom so no clutter is visible.  It might mean that you will need more and bigger storage areas.  It might also mean that you will have to part with some of your stuff.

Luxurious color scheme

Have you ever noticed how bedding in fancy hotels tends to have dark colors with metallic accents?  A dark red bedspread with gold trim will make your bedroom look like a luxurious hotel room

Interior Bedroom Design

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet can do wonders to solve your clutter problem.  You can even put a chest of drawers inside the closet to further save space.

Sitting room within the bedroom

Even hotel rooms that are not suites sometimes have a couch and coffee table inside the room.  Make your bedroom feel like a place you can be productive or invite guests.  Add a couch, coffee table, and small refrigerator.  This setup is also somewhat common in upscale houses in the Middle East.

Interior Design

Flat screen TV

Watching TV in a nice hotel room is a luxurious experience.  You can recreate the experience in your home with a large, wall-mounted flat screen TV.

Your interior designer can recreate any look you see on TV or in a hotel.  Together, you can create the luxurious bedroom of your dreams.

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