Choose Granite for Your Designer Fireplaces

Granite surfaces have been around for decades since it has a timeless look that most homeowners love to incorporate into their designs. However, it is not just meant for kitchen and bathroom areas—it’s also the perfect material for designer fireplaces surround.

It is now time to reconsider your conventional thoughts regarding granite designs. With today’s advancing technology, you can seamlessly combine a granite surface with your modern fireplace. With these fresh and updated surround styles, furnishing your home with a contemporary upgrade has never been easier. Here are some ideas on how you can integrate Granite into your designer fireplace and make it the centre point of your home.


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Sophisticated black

Nothing screams more sophisticated than a black granite surface. However, this look is so simple so it does not overpower the overall design of this chic living area. This black granite veers away from any stereotypes with its dramatic charcoal veining design on a deep, black background. The contrast and depth of this dark granite slab present the ultimate stylish take on black granite.

Flawless white

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the colour spectrum (but with a comparable classic allure), white granite is a classic choice that is both chic and glamorous. This impeccable designer fireplace with white granite surround has an elegant and modern look that is anything but basic. With a white and grey swirling vein pattern, and flecks of chocolate and rich burgundy, this granite makes an excellent fireplace surround, as seen in this striking image.

Opt for ivory

For another modernized version of the classic white granite, feast your eyes on this Ivory granite surface, exclusively imported from India. This granite surface is cream-toned that features a light veining with subtle dark speckles, that achieves a look that is both exotic and sleek. This elegant granite is sure to jazz up even the most minimalist of a contemporary home interior.

Brilliant greys

This Brazilian stunner is absolutely on trend for the current season—and for much more to come—with its striking pattern and muted grey palette. Though the price of granite can be daunting to some people, the impact of this grey fireplace surround is definitely well worth the splurge and has an enduring impression on your property’s worth and value.

Designer Fireplace

Wide range of colours

Granite surfaces really work well to soften up even the clean lines and hard edges of modern designs. With a colour palette varying from white, beige, grey, to black—this dynamic material is full of texture, depth, and layers that emphasizes the incomparable beauty of natural stone surfaces.

As you can see, granite stones can take ordinary looking designer fireplaces and transform them into a work of contemporary art.

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