Quartz Worktops: The Right Choice for Your Home

Do you find yourself asking whether or not a quartz worktop is the right surface material to install in your home? If so, you’re probably not alone. A lot of homeowners wonder if they will somehow regret opting for an engineered surface instead of an inexpensive laminate or conventional natural stone surfaces. However, there is no need to worry because we’re certain that you’ll love your quartz worktop for many years to come.

Then again, before anything else, you first have to consider both the price and the style in any bathroom or kitchen renovation. As far as expense, a good-quality quartz worktop will range from around $40 to $100 per square foot. While this is unquestionably more costly than laminate, you could definitely save up to a few thousand when weighing the value of quartz to an expensive marble.


But wait, there’s more! Below are some of the reasons why a lot of homeowners are now converting to quartz worktops, so read on to discover more about this wonderful material and why it may just be the right choice for your home improvement.

The design aesthetics

When you walk into a model home, you will find that a lot of home designers are now featuring quartz worktop in their bathrooms and kitchens—and for good reason. Quartz is instantly becoming the surface of choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. Its low maintenance, high durability, and resistance to bacteria are just some of its high selling points. This material appeals to both traditional and modern design aesthetics.

Get that authentic look

One of the biggest appeals of this engineered material is that you can get quartz that looks just like natural marble but minus all the bustle that comes with high-maintenance natural stones surface.

The colours and pattern selection of quartz will also stay vibrant and sharp, which means your worktop will not produce a patina over time (unlike marble). This classic quartz looks exactly like Calacatta Marble, with its clean white background and genuine-looking veining. Additionally, the surface will retain its fresh, new look even after years of usage.


Colour consistency

The issue with most natural stone is that there’s a chance that you might like a small sample piece, only to be surprised that the actual full slab seems quite different from what you expected. With quartz, however, you can be rest assured in your pick knowing that it will be consistent in colour, pattern, and design all throughout the surface.

For example, this concrete quartz in a gorgeous deep grey has dark grey specks and lighter grey veining. What you see in the showroom is what you’ll exactly get in your home—a stunning worktop that will complement any design scheme, may it be modern or traditional.


Blends well with other surfaces

Quartz comes in a wide variety of colours and designs that harmonize elegantly with other surface materials, as well as with any existing decor. This quartz worktop is classic in colour, yet it offers a modernized look to the cooking space, together with the hood range and ornate cabinetry. Also, the calming beige colour that introduces dark specks and light highlights pairs well with the neutral stone backsplash.

Distinct looks

With quartz, you can choose a surface with a flawlessly natural look that mimics natural stone materials. Its a slab with a contemporary look that’s perfect for those people who wants to add a bit of modern vibe in their homes. This quartz design features a chic aesthetic with its white background and subtle brown and gold veining. It also adds elegance and charm to this bathroom.

If practicality, affordability, and style are what you’re looking for—then definitely consider quartz worktops for your next home revamp!

About the author: The Marble Store specializes in designing and manufacturing the finest quality worktops for their UK consumers. Over 16 years of experience in responding to the unique needs of the stone industry made them one of the grand producers of granite worktops in the country. Now, with the trust of most consumers, they are now able to produce different edge details and finishes that will make most homeowners fall in love with their creations.

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