All you Need to know about House Reblocking

A house is a great asset. So, one should take utmost care of the health of the house. By health of the house, we mean the stability and strength of the construction as it may weaken with time. So, if you have a house supported by stumps, you should look out for the following signs:

  • Cracks in the tiling or plaster work
  • Doors not closing properly or jamming
  • Crooked door or window frames
  • Decay in the timber stumps
  • Significant plaster cracks
  • Bouncy or loose floors
  • Sloping floors or uneven floors
  • In case of the stumps rotting evenly, the floors will remain flat, but they will slope away from permanent brick structures like fireplaces

If you spot any of the above signs, it is time you get house reblocking services.

Now the question is what is a house reblocking?

It is necessary to know this process in detail to understand why house reblocking services are necessary. Reblocking simply means to bring back something to its original shape. The stumps supporting the house cannot last forever and also the stumps bear the whole load of the house. So, they need to be strong. If they get weak, it can make the whole house to crumble down eventually. Sometimes, the stumps may rot and become weak or at times, the stumps may shift under gravity. So, if the concrete or wooden stumps supporting a house from underneath start to crack, homeowners are supposed to get the old stumps replaced with new stumps. Reblocking is a process in which the damaged foundation is removed and in place of them new jacks are placed. In the process old stumps are removed and in place of them, stumps made of either concrete or wood is inserted. This process may cause minor damage to the floors and the walls of the house.

Cracks may develop in the plastering as well. But the house reblocking service providers ensure to fix all the damages after the mail job of reblocking is completed.

Now that the meaning of the term house reblocking service is cleared, one should know how to call for reblocking services. There are many factors to consider. By choosing an inefficient house reblocking provider, you may end up having faulty house supports and that is not a thought that would let you sleep peacefully at night. Here are 3 steps to follow to choose the right house reblocking service provider:

Reblockingn Services

Step 1:

Look for a reputable company that is well established for years. No matter how luring the discount offers are, when it comes to long term services like house reblocking services, you cannot take a risk of compromising the quality in exchange of a little discount. Look for a licensed company with minimum 5 years of experience. This is a matter of safety of your home and family. So, don’t compromise in that.

Step 2:

Inquire about the materials to be used. Keep a tab on what materials are used and where they are obtained from. The quality of raw materials decides the quality of the final work. So always go for a company that has the highest standards of reblocking stumps. This way you can ensure the longevity of your house reblocking services.

Step 3:

Request for a quote from several house reblocking service providers. As house reblocking service is a huge project, it is highly recommended that you take a look at more than one service provider. Get quotes from several companies and compare the services and then select the best one out of those.

After taking into consideration all these factors, you are good to go for choosing the right house reblocking service provider.

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